terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010

My published poems: ns

Today is actually a very special day, one in which I share one of my published poems. It's actually the last poem of my collection "Música Morta, Vidas em Caixões". I kinda forgot about this poem for a while because I thought it was a bit dramatic, albeit ironic, but today I was reminded of my own poem by a photo I saw. And I just thought this photo suited the poem perfectly, better than anything else I could find at the time, for sure. So I'm putting them side by side, to hopefully enhance the reader's experience.


law of masks. i'll give you mine if you give me yours.
let's be childish on purpose.

draw your fingers in my hands.
they are yours if you draw them.
let's pretend we know love.

we could watch the damage in other people.
you can abuse me if you find me.
let's play hide and seek.

diddle with werewolves when they sob.
i'll let you be my imaginary friend
if you have a second personality.
let's ask why randomly.

tonight we play with your puzzles and my charades.
i'll share my sins if you play with me.
let's be infantile and kill ourselves.

2 comentários:

  1. Interessante mistura de ingenuidade e escuridão.
    "tonight we play with your puzzles and my charades." - muito bonito

  2. Obrigada pelo comentário.

    Pela resposta, parece que entendeste perfeitamente o significado.