sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

Nevermore: a special band

Nevermore is probably the most interesting band coming out of America for me, apart from Dream Theater. They certainly are one the most relevant bands out there playing progressive music. And all of their 7 albums added something new to the contemporary metal sound. I have most of their albums except their self-title "Nevermore" and "Dreaming Neon Black" which I intend to buy in the near future. The thing with Nevermore is that their lyrics are exceedingly good and socially keen, much superior to what most bands would ever be able to produce, and musically, they are the perfect soundtrack for nihilism and human disillusionment. And they are a thrash band while still being progressive. Very few call pull that off and still manage to create deep emotion with their music. So, again, perfect mix of aggression and emotionally charged music that will be as thought-provoking as it can be. I think no other band has touched so many nerves as Nevermore really, with a highly poetic message that speaks in between the words as well. For that, and many other things that can't be explained, they are one of my favourite bands. And there's no other voice like Warrel Dane's in music today, able to convey so many different states of mind, particularly anger towards injustice. And there's no other guitar player like Jeff Loomis who did more for the guitar world than most of the players of his generation. He's one of the few who actually pushed guitar playing into a new level of innovation and intricacy. He's as complex as they come and I admire him as a player and songwriter. He's an inspiration for me as is Nevermore as a whole train of thought.

"Blame the world or blame yourself
Or just accept what cannot change"
The Day You Built The Wall - Nevermore

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