domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

Dark Tranquillity Corroios

Dark Tranquillity is a band that's very near and dear to my heart. And now, in more or less a week, I will have the opportunity to watch them live for the first time in my life. Dark Tranquillity will play in Corroios on October 4th and I can only rejoice and I'm pretty sure I will cry when the emotion of being in the presence of these genius musicians overwhelms me. God, I cry in their DVDs! And I'm not ashamed or anything, I never hide my emotions when it comes to music. I do it too much when it music is not involved, but for some hidden reason, when music is involved I let it all out. Really Dark Tranquillity is one of the most important bands of my life and certainly one of the most influential bands in the metal scene. This is a fact, Dark Tranquillity helped to shape the sound of old and modern metal. The thing with this band is that they started in the 90s and were influential in the 90s in terms of the melodic death metal sound and today, 20 years later they continue to be influential, they never stopped evolving. I don't care what people say about them, they never repeated themselves, they are always looking into the future of metal, they are adventurous, progressive in their sound, risk-takers, trend-setters, leaders in the sense that others try to copy their originality. And another very important thing, which I say again and again, they are a band who makes beautiful music. It's so brutal at times and yet it is beautiful and emotional and sensitive. Also, Stanne is clearly one of the best lyricist ever to come out of Sweden, one of the best of all time, Dark Tranquillity's discography speaks for itself for anyone who is willing to hear it. They have the mark of legendary bands, their sound always changed while always remaining true to the core of their music. As far as I'm concerned, it's gonna be a historical moment when they land in Portugal and play in front of me. Because I never know what will happen tomorrow, I might never get the chance to see these musical legends, to hear these songs that mean so much to me and make so much sense. Dark Tranquillity always made sense for me, they always touched me, they were always brilliant even when they were a small band from Gothenburg who remained underground for years. How many bands have remained consistently good for over 20 years? Not many. And how many of those continued to innovate while doing so? Even less. Dark Tranquillity's sound is charismatic, it wraps you around it and makes you feel something, whatever it is that you feel, and the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and it also makes you think about yourself, others and everything that surrounds you, it makes you go there, even if is painful. This is why I stick my concert tickets on my bedroom wall, they are all a part of my history, to watch my favourite bands it's always an historical event for me, one that I will never forget and that will change me forever.
Dark Tranquillity - Corroios 4 de Outubro / Porto 3 de Outubro

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