quinta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2010

The next book I'll be reading: The Killer Inside Me

I read a review about this book, and the title intrigued me. Later I found out that apparently it is a classic. I'm just curious about the story. I read a lot of these type of books about killers and the lives of killers. So I bought the book. Not in Portugal of course, all the books are too expensive here, I always buy them from either the UK or the USA because I refuse to pay 20 Euros for a book and make the publishers' rich. I do it on principle. If a book can cost 5 Euros in the UK, why is it 18 or 20 Euros here? I will not abide to that. Besides, most of the books written in English are not available in Portugal anyway, might as well. I guess they are cheaper because they read more, it's an obvious assumption. Same thing goes for CDs and DVDs. I wonder...

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