sábado, 9 de outubro de 2010

My poems: decomposition


I want to tell you the truth:

I have been waiting for you
to give me the knife

watch my mind
in decomposition
and open a new door
where you won’t enter
at least physically

watch time disappear
between the passing moments
we did not share

raise your dead hand
in confirmation
and tell me
what’s inside me
that needs to be freed

the truth is
none of these dreams
make me wash the blood off my hands

I have been waiting for you
to erase me

I have been waiting for you
to suffocate me

but the truth
is that the mirrors within
what’s always been concealed
in a black light
behind the closed eyes
the isolation madness

the barrier
where I catch what you said
between portraits and hands
and passion habits

a journey that will take me
to a severed place
which is so familiar

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