quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Robert Olen Butler: Severance

bought a new book today, just now. Heard about Butler's short stories in the meeting I had today with other literature and translation researchers. I always think the meetings are a bit boring at times but the truth is that I always learn something new, and even more important might be the fact that I always learn about a new book I haven't read yet or heard about. It's what happens when you're surrounded by literature aficionados. I always leave those meetings wanting to read more than I already do. And here is something I haven't read in a while, short stories. I used to read a lot of short stories in college and I really enjoyed it. But I stopped doing it for a while, for no apparent reason. And now I feel like drinking a bit of that again. And I will. Soon, after I finish "The Killer Inside Me", I'll start reading hopefully one of the best of the genre, certainly an important name in the short story contemporary world. He was in Lisbon for a conference in my college so that's why we started talking about him and his books. Also I was intrigued when I found out that this book was about what people supposedly said before being decapitated. Some people might find it appaling, well I don't, I think it's an interesting thing to write about. I'm very curious to know how he did it and what he made of it. And also I'm curious to find out how 1 page short stories can come to life. I'm just very curious about the whole thing and this book has been so praised that I might as well give it a try since its probably an interesting subject matter for me going in anyway. New books, new stories to read. Going back to the past in a way, reading short stories again. I feel like it. I feel excited about it. Besides, short stories always puzzled me, it's a part of literature that makes me want to know more.
Robert Olen Butler - Severance

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