domingo, 14 de março de 2010

Álbum do mês: We Are The Void

The newest addition to my CD collection is Dark Tranquillity's "We Are The Void". The most consistent and interesting band in the melodic genre to me is back. Regardless of what people say about them, and their misconceptions about the "gothemburg sound", Dark Tranquillity is a band that lives beyond that, and was always an original force in the metal scene since the 90s. They were never a cliché, they pushed the boundaries of what their sound could be and were always very deep in their lyrics, exploring much more than the surface of things. 20 years later, they release this album and it's a celebration for me and all fans alike. The best thing that could have happened to me this year was to have them play in Lisbon later this year, in October. It'll be the first time I'm gona have the pleasure of seeing them live, after so many years as a fan. Pretty sure I'm gona cry, as it always is when I first see a band live that has touched me and changed me so thoroughly. Let the celebrations begin...

And don't you feel like a void sometimes?

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