sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

Poema do dia: The Drone

Alicia Ostriker

The Drone

Get a move on
it says
every year,

day, hour, minute
keep going, keeping
up the good work, go on with

your task, it
never stops reminding me
how badly I am doing it


I have to straighten out
my love life first
get that on an even keel

I say, but it says
don’t fool yourself
love lives never get straightened out

they are by nature crooked
get back to work
you don’t have forever

Live to you now from the hypothalamus
here it comes again
the drone

at the base of my skull
or the voice of joy singing
duets with her partner death

same old task
gather grief like straw
spin it into praise

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