sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

Poemas Pós-modernistas, dois exemplos

a) Incisive Reading according to Dr Drop (K. Michel)

After one
reading we will
all find it
a difficult poem,
this hand o.a.
Yet we can through
patient reading
come a long way. But
in advance we must
accept that in
this kind of poem some
‘blind spots’ often
These are the places where the poet’s
associations were apparently
so personal
that it is more or less a coincidence
if you can feel them still.

b) Multiple Choice (Arjen Duinker)

Perhaps it is true
That a collection of blue splinters
Is fed by monotonous tunes
On a white square.

Bird, go sit in the gutter!

Perhaps it is true
That a red peach would be made shy
By small groups of sour children
In a red month.

Bird, do not look for the cloud on the water!

Perhaps it is true
That a collection of black tunes
Can be fully appreciated
In blue splinters.

Bird, the moon has a mouth-ache!

Perhaps it is true
That a white square offers more space
For getting lost in the world
Than a red peach.

Bird, pick your favorite feather!

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